Tiger in danger : findings

In Asia, tigers are in danger.

Why? Because the Caspian tiger has disappeared, following massive deforestation.

Because the Javan and Bali tigers were exterminated by hunters.

Because the South China tiger suffers from loss of its natural habitat, which means its programmed death; their bones are used for traditional Chinese pharmacy.

Today, a wild tiger, dead is trading at around 150 000 euros.

The tiger,the iconic feline, is in danger.

It is vital to preserve a place suitable for its survival. Despite the increase in pollution, despite the zones cultivated despite the fires, despite the illegal trafficking for purely commercial areas, it is possible to protect habitat while supporting the interests of the local populations.

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Because one dead tiger is sold for 150 000 euros and before there were 100 000 and now there are no more than 2 500, join us and support Planet Tiger !

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