The tiger's nest


THE TIGER'S NEST, which will be released on February 15, is a family adventure film about the extraordinary encounter and friendship between a young orphan and a baby tiger in the heart of the Himalayas.
It deals with the conservation of wildlife and endangered species, with the aim of spreading a direct message about the extreme situation that our planet is experiencing today in terms of the environment.
In recent years, poaching and illegal trade have reduced the Bengal tiger population to just over three thousand tigers in the wild, putting the entire species at risk of extinction.
The main theme of the film draws attention to this sad reality which must be brought to light and fought against. This resonates with the work of Planète Tigre, which carries out concrete actions on the ground for the preservation of the species and which raises public awareness of these issues.
Planète Tigre naturally imposed itself as the ideal partner for the release of the film LE NID DU TIGRE in France.