Victory for Planet Tiger


Country of the Gulf ... Your money will not be right ...
2 years that the association Planète Tigre was fighting for it ...
The authorities of the United Arab Emirates have banned the possession of wild animals in this Gulf country where leopards, lions or cheetahs are raised by individuals.
The new law prohibits the transaction or possession of "all species of wild and domestic animals more dangerous," says the daily Gulf News, birds, natural circles, circuses and breeding and research centers Can keep them.
Prison sentence and heavy fines
"Anyone who goes out in public with a leopard, a cheetah or any other type of exotic animals", up to 500,000 dirhams (130,000 euros), the newspaper said.
Those who use wild animals to "terrorize" other people are liable to imprisonment or a fine of up to 700,000 dirhams (182,000 euros), reports the daily Al-Ittihad. Shocking images posted on social networks show residents of the Emirates and other Gulf monarchies playing in their private gardens with domesticated lions and leopards. I had also received several applicants from these countries to know if I was selling Tigers.
Dogs compulsory on a lead
Moreover, the new law obliges dog owners to obtain a license for their animals and keep them on a leash in public, under penalty of a fine of 100.000 dirhams (26.000 euros).
Fred Planete Tigre