"Tigers, children's of hope"


The tiger is a gentleman with a big heart, and limitless courage. Once exterminated, as it soon will be, if indeed the public does not come to its aid, India and the planet will have lost a jewel of the wildlife.
This warning is from one of the most well-known defenders of Indian tigers, Jim Corbett. A beautiful Indian reservation was named after him in 1944, where at that time there was more than 20,000 tigers in India, now there are no more than 1700 and 2400 in thirteen Asian countries.
A French association, Planet Tiger has rallied for over ten years to alert the public and educate younger generations. With the initiative of its leader Frederic Geffroy, it launched a major project "Tigers of Hope". Planet Tiger will launch the campaign at the end of November in Madhya Pradesh and Kerala and then in forty four reserves in India, before alerting children of Bhutan, Nepal, Russia and Sumatra...
The objective of this campaign is to first educate school principals and teachers who are located around the reserve Bandhavgardh then to work with the students . They will receive a T-shirt bearing the image of the mascot Planet Tiger and a comic produced by Disney's Italian designers which explains about deforestation and the necessary coexistence between man and animal. Students will write the rest of the story and imagine the future of the tiger. Each class will receive a touch pad that will allow them to be in touch daily with Planet Tiger so they can publicize the progress of their work. At the end of this process the best project will receive an award and the class will win a day in the reserve of the member's province or country to try and discover the tiger.
The disappearance of this emperor of the forest is a tragedy for our planet but also humanity. It symbolizes more than just stupidity, irresponsibility, selfishness of certain people, poachers, international traffickers, wealthy clients who are amateurs of trophies (skins, teeth, bones, penises and claws) who are willing to pay a fortune to satisfy their superstition or reinforce their social status. They can only be overcome by conscience, courage and self sacrifice of younger generations that Planet Tiger aims to inform and mobilize on this issue which is the struggle of so many associations in the world to put an end to the mass murder of the most beautiful representatives of wildlife.